Stainless steel modern
disc deadbolt

The Modern Disc Deadbolt style is now available in a Stainless Steel finish.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel offers a utilitarian look that is resistant to corrosion, is low maintenance and easy to clean, and is offered at a lower price point than similar brass base material options.

Perfect pairings

The new Stainless Steel Modern Disc Deadbolt is an update to our existing Round Stainless Steel Deadbolt design, with a smaller footprint and less projection. 

The Stainless Steel Modern Disc Deadbolt coordinates perfectly with Emtek’s 48″ and 72″ Round Long Door Pulls in Stainless Steel for a large scale entry or pivot-style front door.

“Thanks to little things [like lighting and hardware], when you enter the house, you feel like it’s been done well. The untrained eye might not know exactly why, but it’s the door hinges and doorknobs—all the way to the light fixtures.”

—Carlos Naude of Working Holiday Studio