The new EMTEK SELECT Lever program offers a new level of customization: choose your textured lever grip, stem design, and pair with any of our available rosettes options—in any mix of finishes—for hundreds of unique combinations, made just for you and your home project.


  • 6 handle designs in 7 finishes
  • 3 stem designs in 7 finishes
  • Any style rosette in available finishes
  • Includes 28 degree rotation latch
  • Includes strike plate dust box

Straight Knurled

Industrial Look, Personalized Feel

Finely detailed, linear texture offers an ornate and tactile enhancement to the grip.

An industrial, “machined” look and feel when paired with matte finishes, or a more formal look in polished finish options.

Straight Knurled Lever

Emtek is a go-to for every single project we work on. The options are endless and it leaves each project feeling unique, custom and different than the last.



Naturally Authentic

Each real, natural marble SELECT lever showcases the unique characteristics and veining of this popular and timeless material.

Coordinate your
fixtures & Finishes

Our new marble levers can be used by designers as the focal point to a room or to seamlessly coordinate with other natural stone details, popular in kitchen and bath designs.

Clark and Co. Homes

Since 2014, Emtek has been a standard selection in all of our custom homes. I am so impressed with the quality of craftsmanship, beauty of the designs and ease of customization. Each new collection consistently surprises and delights!

— Emily Clark, Clark & CO. Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Unique variances in the veining and shading will appear in each and every piece. The naturally occurring details of the marble are what make this item unique.

Emtek’s marble levers are real, unsealed marble. They are subject to the same sensitives of any natural stone, but can be sealed or waxed for protection, using any marble-specific solution to help prevent staining and/or etching.

Gently clean with a marble cleaner or a mixture of mild soap and water. Buff dry with a clean cloth. Do not use anything acidic or abrasive as this will damage the marble.

The R-Bar Stem

Take an unexpected turn

R-Bar Stem

An elegant bend

The R-Bar makes for a softer alternative to our popular T-bar and L-square stems for a new way into door hardware.

Make it Personal With Emtek Select