Modern Cabinet Backplates

for knobs and pulls

Emtek’s Modern Cabinet Backplates are a simple solution for adding designer flair to anything from custom cabinetry to vintage furniture.

Modern Cabinet Backplates are compatible with a variety of Emtek pulls and knobs, resulting in a wide range of unique combinations.

Available in a range of options


12″ C-to-C
10″ C-to-C
8″ C-to-C
6″ C-to-C
5″ C-to-C
4″ C-to-C
For Knob: 4″x1″ Overall

See Addendum for knob and pull compatibility.


From Left: Flat Black US19, Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B, Satin Brass US4, Satin Nickel US15, Polished Nickel US14, Polished Chrome US26

Emtek makes the most beautiful and modern pieces of hardware that compliment our home and personal style perfectly. It's like they just get our simple aesthetic and timeless design."

— Tawny Doan