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Studio Brass


The newest addition to the Emtek Studio Brass Collection is The Ace Door Knob. Visually impactful but accessible, The Ace Knob mimics the profile of a T-cabinet knob, but with interior or exterior door knob application and scale. 

As a fan of vintage design, I’m always inspired by the craft of products produced in the age of industrialization. One interesting recent find was a T-handle bottle opener from the 40’s. While functional in design, this silhouette remains relevant today especially given the popularity of T-knobs used on cabinetry. We took this inspiration and combined it with design elements popular in plumbing and in lighting to create The Ace Knob."

— Will Zhang,
Emtek's Director of Design and Product Innovation

THE Galapagos Project

The Galapagos Project utilizes a proprietary computer algorithm to generate unique, one of a kind patterns that are then programmed into 3D metal printer that is used to produce this new, one-of-a-kind series.


Emtek Select

Make it Personal

Our Emtek SELECT Collection opens the door to unprecedented personalization, allowing you to mix and match even more styles and designs across levers, knobs, stems, rosettes and hinges.

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